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No, this is not an advertisement for the new Esprit fall season campaign …

We are a labelling society and the most talked about label is probably the word „perfect“. And what a wonderful invention is the #hashtag, to just label any and everything. And as our society likes to share their opinion and comment on many unimportant things that is exactly what I will do. Who hasn’t thought about it or wished to be perfect? Though everyone know the truth people just seem to hide the fact that #nobodyisperfect or they seem to want to make people believe that thy are #perfect after using or buying this and that, because of course after they purchased and used those items they will look like the #perfect photo shopped model.

As for me I know that I am definitely not perfect, and still I often expect unreal things of myself and others.

And then there exist people that finally are okay that #nobodyisperfect because now they can win every argument about their flaws. “hey you’re always late…” “Nodody is perfect!” Well, duh! That doesn’t mean you can't wake up 20 mins earlier.

I also find it quite funny when girls post pictures of them, saying that they are not perfect, but of course they like themselves on that picture, otherwise they wouldn’t have posted it, right? So I can’t see the sense in that, what do they mean to say while giving that picture that hashtag? Nobody is perfect, but I’m pretty close?

Also I love the people who seem to be at one with them and share it with the world saying “I’m perfect the way I am”. And sure you probably are the best copy of yourself and the best in imitating who you are, but does this make you perfect?

Then there is this hashtag: #Imperfect found everywhere on advertisements for Esprit and I don’t know if you realized it or not, but you can split the word in “I’m Perfect” or in “Imperfect”, which I find pretty cool because this really hits my topic. I don’t know what Esprit’s intentions are with this hashtag, but for me it is kind of ironic and makes fun of the perfect-crazy society we live in.

I learned to maybe not label so much and surely to keep myself away from the word perfect, because it really should not matter. You should feel happy with yourself and grateful too, because life only gives us this one chance with this one body and we should make the best out of it, and find things that make us perfectly happy.

You should also keep in mind that flaws make us very attractive, at least they are what we all have in common.

Love, Koka

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